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Our Professionals

 Michael A. Ramsay, B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc., P.Eng.

With over 15 years of IT security experience, Mike has demonstrated knowledge of financial networks in both North America and Europe through repeated projects involving Exchanges and Financial Institutions.  Through Mike’s leadership and people management, competent teams have been created with clear priorities and objectives and defined accountabilities and responsibilities that have lead to successful projects within budgets.

Summary of Experience

Inforsec Solutions Inc. 1996 to present

Leading Financial Information Provider. Evaluation and re-design overall network. Recommended ATM MAN with frame relay WAN based on switched desktop configuration supporting multi-protocol network with AS400 data servers.

Financial Application Service Provider. Engineered and project managed a multi-million dollar national WAN roll out to meet compliancy criteria to major financial investment houses.  Assisted in the marketing for the product and IT controls to meet the auditing requirements. The network became the first Canadian network to achieve CISCO CPN designation. WAN delivery included frame, ADSL, dedicated lines, and VPN over Internet.

Major Canadian Telecommunications Firm. Managed 6 client staff to design and implement a multi-million dollar Internet and WAN business service, including security for medical transactions.

Major Canadian Resource Company. Evaluated the implementation of Internet security. Trained staff on monitoring, reporting, UNIX and Internet security.

Ortech Corporation, ISO 9000 1992 - 1998

Site Manager. Linked all departments for transparent use of common databases, Intranet, and legacy systems. Facilitated remote access using client/servers with RAS for mail and productivity software. Established VLANs to promote matrix project management. Responded to security alerts and incidents based on Internet logs.

Network Manager. Monitored the enterprise network, hubs, switches, and routers, using HP Openview with SNMP. Wrote custom scripts in Perl and C, for Symmetric Multi-processing (SMP) load balancing, DNS, backup scheduling, and IP addressing. Secured internal networks and wrote Internet policy. Established secured client communications using an SSL server.

Project Manager. Provided architectural design and implementation over three years, of a $2 million LAN and WAN connectioning remote sites.

COmputer & Communications Equipment

  • Part of the CISCO IOS customer advisor board reporting to Senior VP of IOS, 1998-1999
  • Negotiated, Implemented and passed exams for Cisco Powered Network CPN for StarData, 2000

Education & Professional Status

Member of IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and ISACA

Master of Science in Engineering, (Electrical), Queen's University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Honours (Electrical), Queen's University

Thesis: "Design, Implementation and Experimental Results of Robotic Environment Input into the Robot Controller Test Station (RCTS)". Investigated real-time control of dual robotic arms from sensor inputs on a PLC and an integrated computer network. The system was modeled, simulated, and experimentally proven.

Publications & Presentations

M.A. Ramsay, "Due Diligence vs. Best Efforts for Securing Windows 2000 Servers in Financial Environments", Internal CIBC Security and Audit meetings, Toronto, 2002.

M.A. Ramsay, "Limitations of Real Time Broadcasts through a Multi-Homed Redundant Network", CISCO IOS Presentations from advisory board, San Jose, CA., 1998.

M.A. Ramsay, "Internet - Risks and Challenges; How to get your Company on the Internet", Government of Canada, CSE, 9th Annual Canadian Information Technology Security Symposium, Ottawa, 1997.

M.A. Ramsay, "Firewalls and Internet Security: A One-Day Workshop", ALEA InfoSecurity Services, 1996.

M.A. Ramsay, "Access, Control and the Internet&auot;, 6th Annual Information Security Risk Management Symposium, 1995.

G.F. Mutch, M.A. Ramsay, P. Drozdz, "Comparisons of Hybrid and Conventional bus Simulations using Toronto Transit Commission bus route Information", 12th International Electric Vehicle Symposium, Anaheim California, 1994.

M.A. Ramsay, P. Drozdz, G.F. Mutch, "Battery Simulations for a Hybrid Electric Transit Bus", 186th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Miami Beach, Florida, 1994.

G.F. Mutch, P. Drozdz, M.A. Ramsay, "Duty Cycle Simulation for Near-Term Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus", 27th International Symposium on Advanced Transportation Applications, Aachen Germany, 1994.

G.F. Mutch, P. Drozdz, M.A. Ramsay, "Duty Cycle Simulation for Near-Term Hybrid-Electric Transit Buses", 1994 Windsor Workshop on Alternative Fuels, Toronto, 1994.

J. Paterson, M.A. Ramsay, "Electric Vehicle Braking by Fuzzy Logic Control", IAS 1993 Annual Technical Conference, Toronto, 1993.

M.A. Ramsay, "Design, Implementation and Experimental Results of Robotic Environment Input Into The Robot Controller Test Station (RCTS)", Master's Thesis, Queen's University, Kingston, 1993.

M.A. Ramsay, B. Mack, M.M. Bayoumi, "Robotic Simulations Using the Robot Controller Test Station (RCTS)", INCOM'92 7th Symp. on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology, 1992.

M.Bennamoun, A.Masoud, M.A.Ramsay, M.M.Bayoumi, "Avoidance of Unknown Obstacles Using Proximity Fields", IEEE/RSJ International Workshop on Intelligent Robots and Systems '91, Osaka, Japan, 1991.

M.A. Ramsay, M.M. Bayoumi, "Real Time Line Vision Analysis with Applications.", Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Quebec City, 1991.

M.A. Ramsay, "Environmental Sensory Input into RCTS", Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems,- Pre-Competitive Advanced Research Network, First annual Conference, Vancouver, 1991.

M.A. Ramsay, M.M. Bayoumi, "Environmental Sensory Input into RCTS, Research Overview", The Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario/Ontario Centre of Excellence, Collingwood, 1991.

R. Allard, M.A. Ramsay, M.M. Bayoumi, "Task Allocation and Real-Time Considerations for the Robot Controller Test Station (RCTS)", Canadian Conf. on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ottawa, 1990.

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